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Welcome to the world of Mocielli

Jewellery is like a second skin,

it's like an extension of your personality that accompanies you every day

Queen of Life Ring with side stone_ emerald

Queen of Diamonds_orb pendant

Midsummer Night Dream studs_2

Queen of Life Ring with side stone_ emerald

New Collection

Queen of Diamonds Brave Ring

Shooting Star_double ring with tourmaline

Queen of Stars studs

What makes you happy?

About Mocielli

We believe that falling in love with ones life is the most important thing.  

Our lives are like our kingdoms  and we are the rulers- Kings and Queens of every day, able to rule our lives towards happiness , joy and whatever our dreams are.  

Mocielli jewellery is inspired by the royal jewellery of the past 

and is a precious reminder to wear your invisible crown everyday.

We won bronze award!

Those earrings can be worn two ways.

They have small hinges which allow for keeping them short & sassy for a daytime look or extended & glamorous for night out.

9K gold sapphires, topazes, diamonds